Thrush - me again!!

Hello just me again and yes you got it I have thrush again. I know it's bad to take the oral tablet but I jut bought the "other" pill and it says you should not use if you are preg or trying?? So how the hell am I meant to get rid of it? It also says the same on the cream. Do you think it would still be ok to take?



  • Hiya,
    I have had thrush twice since we have started trying to conceive (since Feb) and I had to take the bloomin expensive tablet on both occasions and it was getting worse and worse! You could just try the cream but it only really soothes, I drink plenty of barley now and just pray that it doesnt come back again. Its too much BDing lol! XX
  • So you mean you took the oral pill? or the other pill??? I don;t like using the cream as it never works for me so do you think it would be ok to use the pill?

    K xx
  • I used the oral pill! the other pill your talking about it that the pessary? No the cream doesnt seem to get rid of it. If you dont think you are PG hun I would think it should be OK.

    Mel xx
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