I soooo want one of these!


Just been doing a bit of online christmas shopping as I'm off work with D&V :\(

and I found these! I really hope I get a BFP soon so I can get one, I think they're fab!! :lol:


  • Me too! they are excellent image
  • http://twistedtwee.co.uk/film-buff-suff-c-156.html

    OMG!!! I love the 'nobody puts baby in the corner' one!!! It made me laugh, but then laughing hurt my tummy muscles after 2 days of puking! image
  • I think they are great!
    Isnt it funny the things we come across on the internet : )
  • Love it, class site! x
  • Tee hee they're great! xxx
  • I'm adding them all to my 'I wish' Christmas list!!!

    How are you doing Mrs Robertson- haven't chatted much since we joined on the same day. Hope you feel better soon and get a BFP. xx
  • Hey Mrs Robson! I'm feeling pretty rubbish today, had a horrible bug the past 2 days & I'm totally wiped out :\(

    Worst thing is I'm on CD15 today & last month I OV'ed on CD17 but BD'ing is the last thing on my mind. Hubby has been willing to oblige with a couple of quickies with him doing all the work in the name of SMEP! image

    Hopefully that combined with pre seed will do the trick! How's things with you pet? Where abouts in your cycle are you? Sending you heaps of baby dust! xx
  • Well fingers crossed a couple of quickies will do the trick!! At least you should feel better for Christmas - better to be ill now than then I suppose....
    As for my cycle...... You don't want to know! I'm on CD132!!! Had no luck with Agnus Castus and have started a course of acupuncture but tomorrow's session has been cancelled so not too pleased. Gotta wait until January now. Ra!! Also waiting for scan to diagnose PCOS. BDing plenty 'just in case' but not much we can do other than wait and hope.....
    Well fingers crossed for us both! xxx
  • I've got my fingers crossed for you as well pet, that must be soooo frustrating. xx
  • Yeah it's a bit of a drag but going to just forget about it over Christmas and start afresh in January!

    H xx
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