HI all I am a newbie

Hi ladies just wanted to say hello my name is Lou....this is my first month TTC hoping for a BFP very soon. At the moment looking at a 39 day cycle, been off the pill for around 3 months but this is the 1st month we have been properley trying I am so excited, just finished AF so going to get down to it this month lol

Baby dust to all :\) xxx


  • Hi and welcome, i'm still quite new too.

    We're nly on month 1 ttc our first.

    Do you have any lo's already?

    Hope your stay on ttc is brief, in the best possible way! image

    Good Luck and babydust

  • Hi hun, no lo's at the moment this will be our first, what about you? Thank you hun, same to you also, would be great if we could move over to the pregnancy page together lol xx
  • No lo's for us yet. We waited unti lthe right time. Been together for 11 years (since school!), and married for almost 1. We recently moved to a big enough house too, so finally settled down. i'd been getting broody for a couple of years, but this year it came on with a vengeance, haha.
    I hope we can move over together soon too.
  • hiya and welcome image good luck ttc, look forward to 'chatting' image xxx
  • Hey we have lots of newbies at the moment welcome to the fab site and good luck ttc .I look forward getting to no you but not for to long if you no what i mean!lol image
  • mummy-wannabe = I know what you mean I have been broody for around 5 years, keeps getting stronger each year I get older lol. I am so excited this month hope we can move over together image

    Thank you for the welcome ladies, looking forward to chatting with you also and sharing experiences xx
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