if your pregnant, what type of cm do you get up until af is due? :\?


  • i wish i knew, im getting lots of ewcm and dont know what it means x
  • Sorry I can't help either. But I am on cd 24, and my cm at the moment is sometimes white and thick or white and lotiony. I think this is like my last month, as this is the second month I have been keeping a diary. I had symptons last night that af was coming, not due on till Saturday.

    I think everyone is different, as I think I saw a post from filobabe that she had cm before her BFP.

  • I am waiting to get either af or BFP and i have had loads of like cloudy white cm now last couple of days. I am usually dry few days before af comes so i don't know what to think.
  • thanks for the replys. its not loads but when i insert a finger (sorry tmi!!!!!!!!!!!!!) its opaque. theres not loads of it. im going to test sat too. 4 days before af. going to do a
    cb normal.
  • when iv been pregnant iv always had lots watery white cm hun. hope that helps having said that every women and pregnancy is different GOOD LUCK X
  • just had a look at the diary of symptoms i kept -
    after the abundance of EWCM stopped after ovulation, i had, quote, "bit of white creamy cm" (that's how i chose to describe it at the time lol) for about 4 or 5 days. I then had a mixture of white/clear CM for another 5 days, and the in the days leading up to and including BFP i generally had an increase in CM (not sure what it looked like though as i simply chose to record "increase CM" rather than anything else - i think i was depressed at that point as thought AF would come).
    i usually had spotting a day or two before AF but i didn't, and had this increased CM instead. in fact i honestly felt AF was coming and had to keep checking in the loo that CM wasn't red.
    i've still got lots of CM now (am 6 weeks) and i am still running to the loo to check it isn't red.

    good luck, lots of babydust and PMA xxx
  • Mrs e - I found your post really interesting.

    How did you think af was coming - did you have any cramps or was it just that normal af feeling you get when you are really about to come on?

    Have you ever suffered from headaches before or when your af was due?
  • i had cramps like mild AF cramps for a couple of days before bfp (and have continued to have them randomly since bfp). i thought my body was playing tricks with me as i only usually get cramps when full flow so i honestly expected to see lots of red when i went to the loo!
    i don't think i experienced any headaches no. i have had a couple of headaches since bfp but no idea if that is linked. i've been very tired too so any headaches might be linked to that.

    i'd had so much PMA all month - more than i ever had but it started to slip towards the end and i started to think AF was going to come. also had BFN when i first tested at which point my PMA took a nose dive!

    hope you get your BFPs soon! xxxxxxxx
  • thanks mrs_e. my cm today is not loads but its creamy white.
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