I've been up since 3, thanks to B...F....P!!!!!!!!

:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: Hi girls, well its nearly 6 and i am quite shattered-and i have a cold and headache so feeling pretty sore in my head, however i got my bfp at 3 this morning so am very happy really!!!!! i woke up needing a wee then, and as i usually get up at 6, fmu would be more concentrated then as i hant been since 10.15 last night, theres no way i could have held it in and got back to sleep! anyway...i digress! so i used a first response and second line was there, clear as day. so pleased! i was quietly confident this month as i have had lots of cramps even since last week and my nipples have been REALLY tender to touch, lol tmi! after just 4 months ttc i feel lucky and im so grateful to all of u for all ur expert knowledge! i will be on here for a while yet so look forward to seeing some more bfps to add to the feb list soon, love u all! xx
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