Is this right?

I am 3DPO i think and today i have had pains in my belly mainly on the right but also on the left as well? I had what i thought was EWCM last week and today i am dry and have a bit of thick white cm so i really do not think i am OV? Are you meant to get small pains like this after OV?

K xx


  • Ooo - maybe it's implantation... Fingers crossed! xxxx
  • If it's wrong, then I'm with you lol.

    I had it last month too. xx
  • I get these pains too. I was told that only around 15% of women experience these. I always thought it was when i was ov, but doctor said it could be before, during or after. When i started to use the ClearBlue FM i found out that my pains were after ov. A bit annoying as we had been having bd around my pains more... oh well we know

  • LOL Mithical

    It's really odd in face it stronger now than it was last wee?? I don;t want to check if i am OV or not as i seem to get different cort of cm throughout the day so don't know if I am coming or going. Such a werid feeling though when it happens, it's painful but does not hurt.

    K xx

  • Hey CBL!!! why dont you get some of those ov test honey then you'll know for sure when you OV, if they work that is, im not sure if they do, i did them last month and never got a strong line, although i did come on a week later than i thought so might not have tested late enough xxxx
  • Hey girl where you been!!!! i have not spoken to you o Fiona in ages? or what feels ages LOL

    I know I never got them this month as I want to see how my body went to see if i knew but I will defo get them for next month. I think I would feel better just knowing that I am at least Oving you know that will ease my mind.

    I do think I did as i am pretty sure i got EWCM last week though not loads and then what with using pre seed it's hard to tell whats what LOL i did however yesterday found the opening of my cervix LOL for the first time so i was all proud of myself hee hee.

    K xx

  • Hi K-lou!!

    I got these pains last month and this month so far. I seem to get them right from when I think I am OV up until AF arrives!! It is a nightmare though as don't know if you are OV, if AF is coming or what!! I have found my opening too now!! Lol xx

  • i also may have to change my ticker as I think I OV'd 2 weeks ago which would give me a 28 / 30 day cycle!!

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  • Did you LOL I was all proud of myself when i did it lol I was like oh right thats where it is lol.

    Yeah I thought that would be the case I am pretty sure i OV last week so I guess i get mine afterwards. Though I thikn friday was my OV day so that only makes me 3dpo , already I am bored with the wait ha ha ha

    K xx

  • Tell me about it!! As i don't know if this is a 28 ish or 40 days cycle - who knows when to test if no AF?! I am thinking if nothing by Friday then I shall do one as that will be 31days, and if BFN then wait til 40 days!!

  • Thats a good idea image I keep everything crossed for you. I would soooo love to get a BFP on my test on the 28th I think I said but it's my mum's birthday that day and we are having a party with all the family so it would be great to tell them all that dayimage

    K xx

  • That would be great! What a present for her!! We probably shan't tell anyone til 12wks - apart for a close friend of mine and all of you of course - I'd have to tell someone!! lol!!
  • oh K your so cute LOL!!! im sure you did OV hun, i mean y wouldn't you? its just so hard isnt it not knowing anything, and realising that its all so hard to understand, and why is it not just simple!!??? its suppose to be natural and normal why is it so hard!!! got my fingers crossed for you honey, i read your post about the girl at work, i tell you if i found out some one i knew was pg at the mo, i'd be exactly the same image xxxxxxxx
  • Thank youimage I know I am happy for her but as she has hardly told anybody she is talking to me loads about it. i am soooo over the moon for her but today I guess i am feeling a little fed up shall we say. I still have those funny little pains in my belly.

    Though i am going out tonight which has cheered me up, for some food and so OJ as I have given up drink.

    i also have a lower back ;-( I had this as well last month though it;s so early?

    k xx

  • try not to symptom spot honey image ive decided this month were just gonna bd loads, but im just gonna stay the same, no symptom spotting, no drinking carefully or eating carefully it just put to much pressure on, just keep taking my folic acid but apart from that i'm gonna try and act as if its just a normal month.

    Oh hun must be so hard her keep talking to you about it, as if thats what you need, lets just hope you'll b right behind her and you can both chat to each other about it, when i had my LO my friend at work was 4 weeks behind we had a great time going on about it together, hope you'll b the same xxxx
  • I know it would be soo great she keeps saying oh I hope you get preg soon so we can go through it together and i am like me too!!!

    Yes you are soo right about symptom spotting, last month I had everything going I still have those blue veins on my boobs LOL so there is no real point in me doing it this time around. Also Kate said she had no signs at all. Apart from a few days ago she started to eat more and more and feel sick if she did not eat.

    k xx
  • Exactly were gonna b good CBL's this month chick image no symptom spotting, no worrying about the 2ww (which im not quite on yet image ) just be calm and we are not to POAS until we are past out CD's ok, we need to do a pact LOL xxxx
  • LOL ok I will promise not to test till the day my AF is due which is 28th of this month. When is your test date? Where is Fi?? i have not seen her on here in ages i hope she is ok.

    k xxx
  • no i havent seen her on here for ages, not sure, i hope she's ok, might facebook her see if she's ok

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