DH just spoke to his dad and apparnetly, his step mom went to see a spiritualist this week. She was told that someone was gonna get pregnant very very soon - wierd or what!!!! No one knows we are TTC so im keeping my fingers crossed it is me - woohoo!!!!:\)


  • Ooh, fingers crossed for you! Sending you lots of baby dust! That would be spooky but I have heard of them being very accurate for friends of mine.. Good Luck xxx
  • Oh i hope so as im sooooooooo desperate for a baby - they r everywhere i look1 I think its strange that no one knows and a spiritualist said that to her! I would like to belive its true so fingers crossed and ill let ya know if it does come true - babydust to you aswell - x
  • I hope this will come true for you crazy girl, fingers crossed you get your bfp soon. xx
  • Ooh fingers crossed for you. I'm thinking about going to see one myself in a couple of weeks time !
  • ooo that is good! I went to a fortune teller at easter and she said she saw a pregnancy within 18 months for me and a boy and a girl - eek I hope it doesn't take that long!!
  • Crazy girl - I have had something really similar as my sister is in the process of leaving her partner so she and my other sister both went to see a tarot card reader. They were both told separately that their sister Sarah was maternal and would be making a big decision and falling pregnant in the next 6 months! Pretty precise eh?! My one sister (who isn't leaving her partner) pulled out a card with a woman and a baby and the reader actually said to her 'That is your sister Sarah with her baby'! No one knows we had decided to come off the pill and start ttc and I am one of those people who wants it to be a huge surprise so I keep ignoring their teasing and pretending it won't happen! Exciting though!! xx
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