Anyone wanna join in a pointless chat??


sorry this post is totally pointless but I am just soooo bored! wondered if there was anyone else out there???



  • Hi BK

    Am not bored as just got back in and ate my tea but I will join you *pours you a cuppa* have a brew and take a load off!!

    Whats new with you?

  • ooo lovely cup of char! Thanks SD =)

    Not much going on, it was my birthday on tuesday so looking forward to belated birthday celebrations over the weekend - yayyy! how about you?

    Hey Jay hows you xxxxx
  • Hi girls x
    SD got any tea left in the pot for me?image
  • Happy Birthday Kate x What celebrations you got planned for the weekend then?
    Im fine thanks apart from a poorly toe (trod on a fluorescent tube at work). Sitting upstairs watching the wedding date on dvd at the mo whilst hubby downstairs watching some liverpool football update ah yawn
  • My OH works away so tommorow were going shopping and out for tea, then to a friends house for drinks, sat im at the dogs (not actually for my bday but its a nice coincidence) and Sunday is my neices christening so should be a good weekend all round image you got any plans xxxx
  • ITV2 Peter Andre posing topless (for any ladies who like him) image
    It stopped me from being totally bored this evening - hehe!
  • nah no plans this weekend. Will prob go down pub tomorrow evening for a bit but thats about it really. Nothing exciting at all! xx
  • haha Poppy! Im watching Grey's Anatomy - its all abit dramatic theres a mad man running round the hospital shooting everyone - eeeeeekkk xxx
  • Hi Jay - course I have (pours Jay a cuppa) would you like tetleys or earl grey?

    Sorry I had to disappear my sis is getting keys to her first house tomorrow and have been searching quotes for home insurance for her bless shes all excited image

    How is everyone else?

    BK - happy birthday hun you should have said I would have gave you a bit of cake with your tea image

  • Thanks SD - ah damn it, i'm always partial to abit of cake - nom nom nom!! xxxx
  • Lol there was two birthdays at work so we have been eating birthday cake all week am sick of looking at cake now!!

    Where abouts are you in your cycle? am cd22 of a 35-45 day cycle, stupid long cycles grr......

  • Im on CD15 of a 25-30 day cycle so still early days, not overly confident in us this month though, very difficult to get dates right with OH working away, so im not doing the ov sticks or anything like that just basically have upsi when we can and hope for the best! xxxx
  • Happy Birthday BK
    Evening all - just popping in to say hi before I head off to sleep. xx
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