Where do you buy your OPK's?

Hi Ladies,

I've been looking online for OPK's in retails shops like boots but they are soooo expensive and just not sure I want to spend too much.

I know a few of you get yours from Ebay so wondered if you could reccomend a trusted seller who will take my money and actually send me the products (have had a few probs with ebay in the past so always a bit nervous buying from there).

Or indeed if you know of anywhere else I could buy them at a slightly cheaper price.

Thanks for your help in advance.



  • hi, i asked a similar question recently (about HPTs) and a website called Access Diagnostics was recommended to me. They sell OPKs and HPTs aswell as some other things.

    I have also just paid for some sticks on ebay, but they havent arrived yet so cant really recommend them yet!


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  • i got some of ebay. ??3 for 30 ov sticks and 10 preg test, come from hong kong but came in about 1 week. xxx
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