some good news for those who remember me....!

Hi Girls

Not many of you will remember me as I don't come on here much anymore, but for those that do I thought you may like to know we got our BFP today!!!!!!!! image

I'm in shock (and jet lagged, just got back today from holiday in the US) but very very happy!

I was diagnosed with PCOS a couple of months ago, and started clomid this month and it's worked first time! I OVd on CD14, and today is CD27, so testing a tiny bit early but couldn't resist!

For you symptom spotters out there - not much to report really, from 1DPO to today there have been very little symptoms, but in the last week I've had a mega hunger all the time, and in last few days have been getting twinges of pain and slightly tender boobs.

That's it for now, will peek in at due in Feb soon, but want to wait til it all sinks in a bit more!

Babydust to you all!!


PS: I did have a mega PMA this month too, so you never know what impact that has had!


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