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FAO Flamingobaby

Hi hun,

Ive followed your story on the BFP before xmas thread and on another post I saw that you were going to test again today. I cant bare the suspens hun........ have you tested? What was the result? I really hope this is ypur month. xx


  • Oh that's so sweet. Thanks for this post xx
    I tested thurs and today bfn. So now af is 4 days late ( I am NEVER late) so I have no idea what's going on. Feeling bit down and confused, have started to worry I'm having early menopause or something as af is always regular and now I'm ttc its gone haywire!! I had af pains and everything so where the hell is it?!

    Sure if I go docs he will say don't be silly just a one off odd month and have only been ttc for 3 months so I need to relax and not worry... Easier said than done, have really wound myself up this week and feeling shattered gonna stay off here for few days and try to put ttc out of my mind and wait (argh!!) for af and then start again.
    Lots of love and babydust for you all xxxx
  • Awh flamingobaby, so sorry u got bfn image bigs hugs hunni
    We will all be hear when u feel up to coming on be. Hope u get an answer one way or the other soon xxx
  • sorry you got bfn, looking forward to having you back xxx
  • AF came today.... quite light, have been doing some reading and think i didnt actually ov this month as no sore boobs and no specific period of ewcm so this explains the late/light af.
    Hoping its a one off.. i have been mega stressed (work and family related) this month and put on a bit of weight.. both of which can affect ovulation so gonna try SOOOOO hard to chill out this month,
    had a long teary chat with hub who had no idea how mental i was getting over everything and i now feel loads better about everything... ill get a bump one day, sooner rather than later if i chill out i think!
    plus joined Fertility Friend and have learnt alot tonight! im not really sure we have been bding quite at the right time to be honest! Anyway... from now on... gonna bd lots, relax and have fun.

    This ttc can be so stressful cant it! baby dust and hugs to you all. x

  • Awh sorry she came Hun. But so glad u feel more positive image I'm on fertility friend and love it, also learnt alot image xxx
  • oh, sorry to hear AF showed up. Lots of people on here seem to be finding that the month they are able to relax more then they get their BFP. It is so stressful though that i know thats easier said than done. Really hope this month will be a good one for you.

    Im in limbo at the moment. AF was due last saturday but nothing. All test saying BFN, so i think i may have not ov'd or ov'd later than i thought. Argggh!

    Good luck hun, and to Kels aswell in the 2ww.

    Babydust needed all round. xx
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