How very annoying!!

Hi Ladies,

This is a bit of pointless post to be honest but as noone knows we are ttc I have nobody to bounce ideas/questions hope you guys dont mind my pointless rambles??

Right I got serious last month and bought opks to use for this month. So i've been using them religiously as directed and by my dates should be due to ov today........And just used opks and got nothing??? Not even the slightest,faintest 2nd line??

Im so fed up as i thought i'd started to become quite regular with dates etc but I can't be now!! I just feel like all I do is bloody wait!!!

Wait for fertile time and ov.........Wait for 2ww........wait for af.......wait for af to end........wait for fertile periodand ov and on and on and on it goes!!!! Isn't it just so frustrating!

I think id go out of my mind if I didn't have you guys to moan to lol. So like i say this is a bit pointless, but im feeling sorry for myself and just wanted to thank you guys for the support I get when im in one of my "WAITING" phases!!!

Sorry to moan!
Em xx


  • I had exactly the same with OPKs I bought.
    To be honest I wasn't clear about when I was ovulating until I bought a clearblue fertility monitor (not advertising - honest!) It made i so much easier for me.
    They are expensive but if you can afford it I would recommend it.
    I know what you mean about waiting, it completely took over my life when I was ttc. You're certainly not alone!

    Good luck
  • Hi, I know exactly how you feel. It is so frustrating waiting, atleast when you're in your fertile window you feel like you can do something!!! (IYKWIM)

    My cycles have never been reg, also I didn't have much luck with CBFM I just have been relying on the good old EWCM.

    Fingers crossed this cycle!
    Good luck x

  • Hi em7 i know what you mean, my Af are irregular, we fell unexpectedly last Oct & MMC in Jan & since then have been TTC again. I've only just had 2nd AF since MMC, my friend gave me some opk to use & they just tell me different times, i've just posted to see what everyone else uses & i've checked a ov calculator based on my last cycle for some sort of guidance. maybe try one a bit later today I read that you should try them AM & PM. Good luck
  • oh Em7 i know what exactly what you mean.... its so much waiting , my life seems to be in slo mo becuase of all the waiting !!

    dunno if anyone else finds this but i seem to think "right ill be calmer once ive ov'd and i know we have bd'd as much as poss " then once i get there i then starting stressing and think " right ill be calmer once the 2ww is over and i have an answer to the could i be question"

    oh gods is so damn stressful and to think i was a normal human being last year !!!
  • Thanks for your replies ladies.....i had to pop off just after I posted this as mum came round and didn't want her to see me on BE lol.
    Thanks for the advise jenny.....think I will have to bite the bullet and get a cbfm asap!!

    Thanks again guys for replies.....feel a bit better now, just v impatient to at least know im in with a shot!!

    Em xxx
    It's nice to know others understand the frustration!! So i just did another opk and again no hint of a 2nd line?? And to be honest i have no ov symptoms either, where as last month I just knew when i had ov as it was so painfull!!

    I think I just expected to start seeing a faint line or something?? I know i've read from others that they have had faint lines which then lead to full lines, so just desperate to see something! Then like lil kim says i can concentrate on making sure we have bd as much as possible to give us the best chance!!
  • I know how you feel Em! I'm only on month 5 but can't remember a time when I actually just thought 'oh, it's Wednesday today' as opposed to 'It's Wednesday today and I ov'd last Tues which makes me...' blah, blah, blah! You know how the rest goes! I wish we had a ticket, like at the Deli counter at Sainsburys. At least then we'd know how long we had left before we reached the front of the damn queue! And breathe... xxx
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