Wilkos pg tests. Any good?

Im thinking of getting some, fed up of forking out on these silly expensive ones when the cheap ones work the same.
I had a browse on the internet and everyone seems to think highly of them, Once i was to get a + I would get a more expensive brand to confirm it.

Any experiences with wilkos? mlu?

Cheers image



  • my sis in law uses the cheaper ones everytime and after 3 bumps she is a pro lol! I would say go for it, we have cbd and first response x
  • hi im sure they work just fine. we are all lured by brands thugh. would also recommed asda own and aldis which are almost identical to the asda ones. both showed an early + result for me.
  • Thanks both, im gonna nip into town tomorrow and pop into wilkos.

  • Aldi ones are very similar to the asda ones and I think for a twin pack they are 1.99 (aldi) 3.99 asda
    Worked fine with me all BFNs but at least i didnt break the bank POAS!
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