FAO Sparkling Diamond

Hey cycle buddy.

I was jsut wondering how you were getting on? I think I may be ovulating early! Had some OV pains last night and ewcm today. Just used first ever OPK and the lines are almost the same darkness I think. OH off all weekend so we gonna get plenty BD in and I will keep using OPKs to see if the lines get any darker.

I really think this might be the month for us!!!

Heidi x


  • bump image I can see you online :P
  • Hi hun, have just replied on your other thread, am not sure how to check for ewcm?? so I don't ha ha!

    Any pointers? am not keen on the thought of playing around with my cm to be honest!! I think I am going to ov on time and if I go by 21st as CD1 instead of 26th I could be due OV mon.

    We BD yesterday but hubby is wanting to BD again tonight, is it not best to do it every other night? or every night around ov?

    I have been doing OPK's but not got two lines the same yet however, on each I have done I get a line but its faint??

    Am off to see Mamma Mia tomorrow at Newcastle can't wait!!

  • Hi Sparkling Diamond, this is off the subject but just wanted to say, I saw Mama Mia at Newcastle, and it was fab. Be careful with the roads though. Do you live in the north east?:\)

    V image
  • Hi Trixy09, no the North West lol about an hour from Keswick.

    Can't wait and yes my sis in law will drive carefully, am going with my mam, sis and sis in law.

    Am also going to London 19th Feb to watch Dirty Dancing x
  • OOo Mamma Mia sounds great! Am quite jealous!

    ewcm you meant to put it between your fingersw and see if it stretches more than an inch. On SMEP you meant to BD every other day until around OV. Then it is every night.

  • So i just put my fingers in my lady garden or off my pants (sorry for tmi) lol am really clueless!!
  • I read the best way is to actually put your fingers up and grab some hahaha!!
    Although I tend to just get it off my knickers,
    Then you rub it between your fingers - if you can stretch it for about an inch or more then it is ewcm.
  • Forgot to ask Snugglenush, are you going on a 35 or a 40 day cycle to calculate when af due?

    The dramy.co.uk website i go on only goes up to 36 day cycle but i was a 35 so dont know whether to just go with 35 or 40 for this month!!

    Confused.com x
  • I am working on a 35 day cycle as that is my normal cycle. But once i am sure i have OVd i will work on dpos rather than CDs I think.

    Not sure when to count 1dpo from tho. Got positive OPK today. Will test again tomorrow and i suppose when it goes faint again ill count that as 1dpo.
  • What did your pos opk look like?, Ive been getting lines but not the same colour and dont know if have ov or not but am getting all the signs including increased CM, we BD fri and sat nite but am too tired tonight!! Just got back from Mamma Mia - it was fantastic lol really enjoyed it and we were all singing and dancing in the aisle at the end.

    Helped to take my mind off all this as its starting to do my head in again argh....just wish my body would work and when I want it to!!

    Am gonna try and BD tomorrow, tues and wed, I only have 2 opks left so am not sure whether I will get a positive or not.

    Fingers crossed for you now that you are in your 2ww xx
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