FAO Lisao, sugar'n'spice,goonie. BroodyKate & Bella10!!!!

Hi girls!

How are you all doing??? I am really doing ok, last month is behind us and i seem to be full of PMA.

This month we are doing SMEP starting on sunday CD10 (i think!?!?!).... hopefully this will be our month!

Are you doing anything different this month?


  • Hiya love!

    I looked into SMEP but it would be too difficult as my OH works away in the week - boo

    Also not sure if I will be fully in the race this month as OH has taken ill and has been told to rest!

    Good Luck trying, I really really hope this is your month, esp with all the faint line fiasco last month - glad to see you have lots of PMA!!

    Sprinkles Babydust image XXXX
  • Hi girls, I'm trying not to think about it too much this month, who am I kidding, but we're already on CD6 so next weekend the fun should really begin! I'm thinking about giving SMEP a go too, starting on Sunday night as well! I might try for every day from next Fri though if we can manage it. I've got a new pack of 30 cheapie opk's and am really hoping this is our month! x
  • Lol i've got a pack of 30 opk's as well and will be using them this month!

    Lets hope this is our month!
  • How are you all doing? SMEP is going well so far but no smiley face just yet!

    Anyone had their smiley yet??
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