CBFM question


I hope someone can help me. My CBFM is on the middle bar, i think thats high but not peak. Last cycle i didnt have it and i got pos OPKs several times over two weeks and someone on here suggested that i could be trying to release an egg but not managing.

how long should you have this high in a CBFM? Ive had it for 5 days now, but no peak. So i was wondering if other people get this or if it is maybe that im once again trying to release an egg but not managing and thereby getting a peak...if you see what i mean?

Thank you!
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  • Hi hun, the first cycle you use the CBFM you may not get a peak as it's still 'getting to know you' it's nothing to worry about and is really common.
    In my first cycle I had highs from cd8 right up to peaks on cd 17 & 18, I always thought I ov'd on cd14/15 so give it abit longer, you may find you get a peak later than you expect xx
  • i usually got about 16 highs before my peaks but i did usually ov quite late, most ladies get 5 or 6 but it just depends, it can take upto 3 cycles for it to become accurate, worked for me image
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