BFN for me

Tested this morning as af is due tomorrow.
Dont feel like af is coming except for sore boobs and nipples.
Looks like I will be riding the hobby horse for another month lol


  • oh honey thats a shame!!!
    but not over till af appears!!!
    heres to June BFP!!!
  • You never know babymonkey. It could still be a bit early. Fingers crossed the witch doesn't show up over the weekend!!

    I was extremely reckless this morning and POAS too!! I'm only 7 dpo but had some spotting a few days ago and was convinced it was implantation bleeding. I'm sure my test came up it big bright pink neon lights shouting 'BFN You Fool'!! Tested way too early but the addiction just took hold!!

  • Im getting a bit cheesed off now. Been off the pill for over 2 yrs and still nothing.
    My doctor just keeps saying wait a bit longer?
    Does anyone know if there is a natural product available that could help?
  • sorry it was a BFN hun, keep your chin up though there is still a chance, if not heres to JUNE!!! xx
  • yes your right hun and july and august etc etc lol
  • HI babymonkey. Are your cycles regular? Do you OV? Are you taking any vitamins etc? How long have you been ttc - since you came off the pill?

    Sorry for all the questions, but if you have answered yes to all or most of the above (sounds like I read too many magazines!!) then I would push your Drs to investigate further if I were you. Just go on and on at them until they are so sick of the sight of you that they refer you!! That would be my plan if I don't get BFP in the next few months!!


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