oooo my boobs hurt. I cant describe the pain and the left one has gone loads bigger than the right one but the right one hurts more than the left one.


  • I so hope its a good sign for you!!xx
  • me to. Getting really fed up
  • Sorry I cant remember, but when are you due to test?
  • Just seen previous post-hope you can hold out til friday and get your bfp then!xx
  • Sore boobs are a good sign image my hurt too though they normally di before af.

    K xx
  • Sore boobs, great sign! mine were so so sore when i was pg with my little girl. Fingers crossed for you hunny xxx
  • Your not symptom spotting are you babymonkey????? lol. xx
  • me? Symptom spot......................NEVER!
    How dare you suggest such a thing lol

    How can you not symptom spot on the 2WW
  • Thats true, theres nothing else you can do really! xx
  • how many dpo are you monkey?
  • Sounds good hun. Sore boobs have been the 1st sign for me in both my pregnancies. That & uncontrollable tiredness!!!
  • sore boobs used to get me when pg and when af due. Tiredness also hit early as well as nausea. carry on symptom spotting, fingers crossed and babydust
    Filo x
  • GOD!!!!!! Ive never known my boobs to hurt like this. They tingle and are so tender.
    Maybe ive done it and this is my month. Im shittin it (excuse the french lol)
  • Is it this weekend you're testing?

    whispers "have you already sneakily done one?"
  • SNEAKILY DONE ONE???????? Ive been doing tests all month lol
    Im due to test around sunday
  • SNEAKILY DONE ONE???????? Ive been doing tests all month lol
    Im due to test around sunday
  • I'm glad i'm not the only one addicted to poas.

    My (.)(.) are so sore this month too. I really thought this month would be the one, but I tested yesterday and it was BFN and I just tested again tonight when I got home from work, negative again. AF not due til Friday, so I'll test first thing tomorrow, and if still no sign, then maybe saturday.

    The "girls" have always been sore before AF due, but this month they've been unbearable - I have to hold them when I walk upstairs to stop them jiggling (sorry if tmi) - and they're not even that big - never thought they could hurt this much, so was sure it was a sign, but looks like i'm just symptom spotting eh!
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