CD 38, no AF.... Help :(

Hey girls, those who know me will know i didn't have visits from af for over 2 years.

FINALLY one arrived on th 25th May, this makes me on CD31, and i have not had another visit from af again :cry:

I did make a wee post last week because since my af i have managed to keep track of my CD's, and me and my other half bd ALOT over the past month. One afternoon i had a faint brown discharge but it was only there on a few trips to the loo.

This week i have been having deep long pains in my lower tummy, and i am sooooo tired, but i am trying not to get my hopes up. It's soooo depressing!

PLUS the girl in my work who is pregnant keeps going about babies. babies, babies!!!!!! :\(

Now i am left with no af, or nothing. I am so scared incase i don't get any af visits again!!!!! I was SO happy when she finally arrived, now i feel like i am back to square one!

Sorry for the rant, but you guys are the only people who understands how i feel... xxx

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  • have you poas? x

  • :lol: Yes, probably more than i should.

    Been doing ov sticks daily, and pregnancy ones once a week - ALL BFN'S!!!!!

    Arrrggghhh, i don't know what to think now.
  • 31 isn't that long, although I know it can seem like ages when you're waiting for something. Try not to worry too much, af will probably show up when you least expect it.
  • Dont worry too much about bfn's on opk's, I have never had a pos on them either!

    With your cycle being uncertain, maybe you just ov'd late in the cycle so you may be doing hpt's too early. Try and forget about symptom spotting and testing for a week or so. Then if no sign of af still, poas again. ( I know its easier said than done to put it out of your mind! :lol: )

    Good luck, keep us posted on your progress xx

  • Now on CD 38 - still nothing, and feeling rotten! image

    Starting to feel so sad again, and majorly pissed off with it all.

    These past 2 years have been so tough on me image

    Sorry for ranting, just feel so low today image
  • I'm so sorry to hear how low you're feeling. Have you been to the doctors? And have you tried agnus castus - my sil used it and it regulated her cycles within a couple fo months.
  • I'm so sorry to hear how low you're feeling. Have you been to the doctors? And have you tried agnus castus - my sil used it and it regulated her cycles within a couple fo months.

    Hi, yes i have been to the doctors a few times, and they keep fobbing me off. I have a hospital appointment in Sept, so will have to keep positive until then. Did try Agnus Castus, but will have to look into it more because it confuses me that i can't take it near ov time - which for me is not much use considering i have no idea when i do actually ov. image

    It's just so upsetting. I thought my periods were finally getting back to normal last month, should have known with my luck.

  • Hi Tiny.T

    Sorry to hear what you have been through. I am shocked that your doctor has fobbed you off over 2 years and you still have to wait another 2+ months before your hospital appointment.

    Before 2 years ago were your AF's regular? Were you on the pill? And if so before you went on the pill what were your AF's like?

    I am also trying to understand all of this. I came off the pill in Jan and have had one AF (didn't ov, but it was a proper red flow heavy AF), now on day 102 and have had a bit of spotting over the last few days but no AF yet.

    Before I went on the pill i was quite irregular but quite frequent - every 5 weeks min, sometimes 3, sometimes 4 sometimes even 2. They say in time you will settle back to what you were like before the pill. But after 8.5 years on thepill it's hard to remember!

    Wondering if this is the same for you?
  • Sorry to hear you're down. I didn't want to r+r but wanted to say hope this is good sign x
  • Hello, well i have been on the pill since i was 16 - this was because i used to get really bad heavy periods which would last up to 3 - 4 weeks at a time, they were really irregular also and would just appear when it suited them.

    I changed to Dianette when i was 19 / 20 and again my periods were all over the place, but a lot lighter, but i would sometimes not see af for 3 - 6 months a time.

    When we decided to start trying i stopped the pill and it's been non existant since image So i was chuffed to get a visit last month.

    Now i feel like i am back to square one, but got to stay positive.

    This month i honestly had such positive feelings that this was the month for me, but it's looking pretty dull. I tested at the weekend, so will hold off again until Fri / Sat.

    Here's hoping you get a BFP too, it's so heart breaking isn't it.

  • Yes it is heartbreaking.

    It's difficult to know when you went on the pill quite young what your cycles would have been naturally by now. I am similar - went on the pill at 16 (only started my AF when I was 14) and then I came off it again when I was 19 for nearly 2 years and then went back on until jan this year (29 now). So it's hard to remember / understand. I also went back on it when I was 20 because my periods were so irregular and heavy. That makes me angry now that the docs immediatley put me (and you) on the pill for this reason. Makes me wonder if there was a cause which has been left untreated and now is making this ttc difficult!

    Anyway, the light is at the end of the tunnel for you - only 2 months before your hospital appointment and if things haven't happened before then you can get the ball rolling.

    Finally have you thought about anything like acupuncture / reflexology? I have been having acupuncture. Not sure yet if its helping though.
  • Hi Moomin, thanks for your replies, means a lot to me.

    I am angry at the doctors now too, i thought i would fall pregnant really quickly - how wrong were we! I just wish i knew what i would go through. I think the pill has a lot to answer for. Never mind, one day eh!

    I am not wanting to get too much into the whole other alternatives just now. I am getting married next year, and i am going to stop ttc in Dec as i get married in Sept 09. I don't want to put any stress on myself by being pregnant and getting married. If i fall before Dec, i'd be over the moon, but if i don't, well, it's not the end of the world, i will just have to try again after the wedding!

    I really hope you get af soon so you can then keep track on things too. I also hope you get a BFP!!!!!

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