9 dpo and going crazy

i cant stand the waiting wish i could test now i keep thinking ive got symptoms but im sure they are all in my head i think im going crazy honestly. does everyone get this? the slightest twinge or pain and you drive yourself mad saying am i or aren't i? :\?


  • Its hell isnt it. I know there are a lot of threads about the 2WW for a bit of support from the others going through it.
    When you planning on testing?

    Lots of luck xx
  • I'm 6 DPO and no symptoms yet not sure if i even caught my egg this month as this is the 1st time i have know i have OV'ed i hope this makes sense if that's even how its spelt lol i have irregular AF's well from the 5th aug this is how my AF's have gone
    this one might be 49 not sure we will have to find out on the 3rd april maybe the 5th if i have a 16 LP


  • hiya gill2383, its poo isnt it! 9DPO, surely u dont have long til testing now anyways? and the weekends in between so it should go quick for u! i hope so anyways. and its friday! woohoo!
  • Hahahaha - I have just put a post on like this. I am only 3dpo and I keep thinking I am feeling things...xx
  • lol well coming back to feeling pains it feels like AF is on her way but i am only 6 DPO so it's hard


  • hi gill - i posted something similar yesterday!! its hell isnt it?! i am 7DPO and i am SOOO tempted to test - but know i shouldnt!
    i was having a few signs from 3DPO onwards, but today - nothing! and i'm really worried.
    up until today i had:
    very sore nips
    dizzy spells
    SO tired (had to go to bed when i got in y.day)
    af cramps and a few sharp pains yesterday

    just wish i could test! got to wait till thursday tho x
  • well 10 dpo symptoms (imaginary or not?)
    couldnt sleep at all so tired all day
    crampy twinges
    very thirsty
    sore bbs
    sore back
    more hungry than usual
    needing toilet a lot
    i guess i could test after wkend but scared of getting bfn and feeling crap till next ov when the craziness will begin again.
    glad im not alone dont fell like such a crazy lady anymore.
    good luck and baby dust!!!
  • hey hun im 10DPO aswell so maybe we could help each other thru the next few days so we dont test early??? xxx
  • hey sally881 good plan i wish i read it earlier i bought pt today not used it yet ill hold off as long as i can but af doesnt usually arrive until 17 dpo so i should really wait til next weekend dont think ill make it that long tho lol. its a good thing and bad thing ov at day 10-11 of cylcle good because i dont have long to wait after af to start trying again but its rubbish aswell cos my tww just drags out forever. have you felt anything/symptoms this month?
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