Saliva Ovualtion tests I think they work!!

Morning all!

I done an OPK cheapie yest evening & it was positive. I bought a saliva ov test online which arrived this am & i tested as per instructions & guess what - that's positive too!!! so i done another cheapie OPK just to check & it is still positive how cool is that image I really thought they'd be a load of crap cause they not expensive but it really does look exactly how its supposed to, its called ferning & looks like loads of spikes. It only cost me ???????30 inc. postage & WHEN i get my BFP i can re-sell it cause there's no hygiene issue with it you dont actually touch anything or lick it!!

If you do invest then make sure you dont do what i did first of all & thats rub it over the lense I coudlnt see anything so re-read it & you just drop a pin head size drop on the lense & leave it. I;m well impressed so thought i'd share with you all. image

KJ. x


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