stupid husband made me test

and it was bfn, d'oh!!!!!

why oh why did i jus listen to him, "go and test han, it mite show up", yeah ok!!!!

note to self: don't listen to him again, i'm only 11dpo aswell

it was a FR test but nevermind, i'll jus have to wait for her to show

poor lad tho, he jus said 'i don't think we're ever gonna get a baby'
we are on 14th month ttc
if we don't get it this time we're off to see doc next month so at least we can start working out why its not working for us

not too heartbroken, its not over til the witch shows i guess!!!


  • I'm sorry it was a BFN, but it's not over til the witch arrives!! Good luck, I hope it's your month and if it makes you feel any better i conceived my last son on our 14th month of trying xx

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  • thats right-not over until AF shows.

    Honey i am sorry though. Poor hubby too. At least you are thinking about the Dr though which should offer some hope.

    lots of babydust.
  • Oh sweetie, you are a numpty! Don't test till af is due and use fmu! Fingers crossed that its 14 month lucky! xxx
  • thanks ladies, know it was far too soon, but i guess i secretely wished it was a bfp.

    think a bit of tlc is in order for the rest of the evening, and if af doesn't arrive this week, i certainly won't be testing til the week after,

    thanks for ur support xxx
  • Thats ok, if it helps I always test on 11dpo! Always a bfn, will never learn! lol!
    Fingers crossed for a shy little bean, go and have hugs with your hubby xxxx
  • aw hun sorry to hear that. im an early tester!! must slap myself this time. first month of ttc and im already planning on the earliest day to test!! bought loads of ebay ones to keep me going as i use 2 at a time to compare them to each other :roll:
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