Ovulated early & out the running?

Well I think may have ovulated early! This is my first proper cycle from being off the pill (end of feb), I have had a lot of cm the last couple of days but none today. Haven't had any ewcm though?
Anyway, we've been bd but oh not able to fire his little swimmers - must be the pressure / tiredness, so frustrated though but have tried not to show him.
Ah well, will have to wait until next month I guess!

Lots of baby dust to us all,


  • Hi wildthing,

    Sperms do live for few days, so maybe u BD the days before. I had EWCM for couple days and then was mix (normal CM and sometimes dry) but with charting and OPK i actually OVed around 5 days from my first EWCM.

    So what I am trying to say u might have not yet ovulated. Try to BD again soon.
  • Hi hun,
    Thanks for that message, the OH isn't firing any sperm at the min so unlikely to have any in me (tmi). Hopefully he'll start and relax and it'll all get back to normal soon. Hoping I haven't ov'ed yet, long wait til next month! I haven't had any ewcm but the cm i've had is a white colour - not clear. So confused by all this! LOL xx
  • LOL. Yes i find it hard as i sometimes get more than 1 type of CM tmi :P

    I hope OH relaxes and be able to fireimage Good luck

    Sending u Baby dust ***
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