Anyone had a peak reading on CBFM after CD20?

It's CD20 now and I've still not had a peak on my CBFM image! Still just high! Starting to worry a little cycles are generally between 34 & 40 days long...last cycle was 37 days (I think, don't have diary with me).

Eek :S!


  • Yes me... I was getting peaks around cd20-24!! and my cycles were 28days. Have given up with CBFM this month and going to do SMEP. I was just so gutted that nothing was happening after 5 months on it. Also I was getting what I though was ov pain not at the same time as my peak. My machine was a second hand one but just got too tied to reading the machine and not my body. good luck with yours let me know what happens.
  • Thank you Mrs Mel! I was really excited when I started getting highs but this morning's high was the 8th I've had this cycle! I've been having what I thought were OV pains but I've not had my peak yet so I don't know what to think :S will let you know what happens! x
  • when i concived my son my peak was CD26 and CD27 x
  • I don't use a CBFM, but do suffer with the awful frustration of late OV. It is usually aroun CD19-22 and I hate waiting. Grr. Have to be patient I guess.. Good luck ladies!
  • i know exactly how u feel ladies - last month was first cycle after coming off the pill and was 34 days - didnt ov till cd 22 and got a feeling im in for another long one. now cd13 and still no high on cbfm.
  • Aww thanks ladies, I'm feeling a bit better about it now.

    Piggypops I'm hoping my cycle is going to be a bit like yours was! CD21 today...still high but OH is going away Monday/Tuesday so that's CD23/24 out the window! So if my body can hold on until he gets back then I'll be very grateful!

    Mrs EH and's rubbish! Hate having long cycles. What I'd give to just have the routine 28 day cycle! Haha!

  • Hiya Tinkerbell, I'm another long cycle gal. It's sooo frustrating isn't it? good news that you've been having highs tho, just keep BD'ing anyway just in case.

    Hi MrsEH, haven't chatted to you in a while! How you doing? Still enjoying your hols? Whereabouts are you in cycle?

    Kels, I seem to keep following you on threads, we're practically on same cycle day tho and similar length cycles so i'm gonna stick with you if thats ok?
  • Morning! I was wondering how you were getting on Wispa. Enjoying the hols but I have glandular fever (apparently) and suddenly everyone wants to come and stay. I am having to make up ludicrous excuses as to why people can't stay on I'm fertile days!! Hope I OV soon - I had it in my mind I could test 22nd and the longer I wait for OV, the longer I have to wait to test! Argh! I am CD18 today. Am getting faint lines on OPKs but no blinking positive yet. My whole life is spent waiting for a line at the mo.. How is everyone else doing?
  • I'm in a similar boat too, I'm on CD12 and still on a low so feeling really negative about this month. Piggypops - how long were your cycles?

    What do ov pains feel like? Since coming off my pill this time round about cd12-18 I get incredibly bloated and really uncomfortable and can't work out what it is, I don't think it is ov pains, because I've no other signs of ovulation at the moment. has anyone else every experienced this?
  • I think people get all sorts of different syptoms as your body changes from oestrgen to progestoren (OMG, how do you spell those?!) so I wouldn't worry too much. Also lots of people don't get or notice OV pains. Ooh - I hope you aren't in for a long wait. Do u use OPKs or anything?
  • I hope I'm not either! I've never used OPKs, just went straight for the CBFM! I've joined your other post too xx
  • Ah poor you with glandular fever, do you think cos you've relaxed your bodies finally relaxed and brought on illness? Know what you mean about the waiting for two lines, it's so hard not to get obsessed, not even wishing for a BFP at the mo just want to ovulate. Only CD13 today so not too far behind you.

    hi Ellisy, not sure what ovulation pains feel like as i'm still trying to get used to my rubbish body, it's such a guessing game!
  • wispa - so sorry only just seen ur post. yep thats cool to stick with me image its nice have a cycle buddy image xxx
  • Aaah well CD22...STILL highs! Grr! Hope I don't get a peak tomorrow morning, gonna have to force OH into BDing before he heads off on his trip :lol: x
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