Late AF but BFN....

I'm getting really fed-up with all this ttc malarky!!! This is my first month ttc since my mc. Last week I had loads of symptoms. Cramps but not like normal af one's. Lots of EWCM and thick CM, which i've been told is a symptom. So my AF is 2 days late. Done a test today and BFN.

Any ideas? Surely it would show positive by now? I was using ov sticks again this month so i know i ove'd over 2 weeks ago.

Just wish af would hurry up if not pregger's. Sorry for the pointless post, just feeling fed-up today.


  • Sorry to hear that MrsKD. I'm in a similar position - AF was due on Thursday last week, I had some cramps but that's all. I might test tonight, but am scared it'll be a BFN. DH doesn't want me to test, he thinks we should wait and see, but I can't stand feeling nervous every time I go to the loo!

    Did you take the test this morning? I think the first wee of the day is the best one to use. Maybe you should try again in a couple of days if AF hasn't arrived?

    Good luck hun x
  • Hi susie,

    yeah tested with my first wee this morning and it was BFN. I've kept the test at home so i'll re-check when i get in from work. Not that it'll make any difference.

    Its crap all this waiting!!!
  • Any news MrsKD?

    I chickened out of testing yesterday, too scared of a BFN....might try again later. I'd feel more confident if I had any other symptoms than a missing AF...

  • Hi susie, still no news. Tested with FR on tue morning and BFN but still no sign of AF. Very strange!!! Got no symptoms either so if i'm honest i know i'm not pregnant.

    Think it must just be taking a while to get back to normal after my mc.

    Keep me posted.:\)
  • I hope you get af (or bfp!) soon. Waiting for af when you know she's coming is awful cause you're bascially stuck.
  • hope your ok hun, sorry to hear ur having a hard time! hoping you get ur BFP soon (((hugs))) xxxxxxxx
  • Still no AF, but feel like its not too far away. I just wish it would hurry up so i can get on with next months ttc. ;\)
  • Any news **susie**? Still no sign of mine.
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