Eating naughty stuff - anyone else?

Anyone else trying to eat all the 'bad' things that they can which are not allowed in pregnancy?
All I can think off is 9 months without brie and sushi was tough before so have nearly sickened myself of it these last few weeks just in case :lol:
May get bfp soon or I'll look pregnant anyway!


  • ah why not chick enjoy it while you can x image
  • Yeah, I'm the same. I also love sushi so early in my cycle I'll have it quite a lot and also chicken liver pate and rare beef.
  • yeeees image

    im craving cappuccino !!
    I am actually a tea person not coffee but these few days I am into coffee!

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  • lol @ panicking Susiee.
    I hadn't even thought of steak but I do normally eat it rare. I had a craving for a runny egg sandwich for about 3 months when having my dd- she's 16 months now and I don't think I've even had one since. Think it's the whole wanting what can't have mentality.
    Funny thing is normally I wouldn't contemplate going for a night out without a drink but when pg it didn't phase me at all- never missed it at all.
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