Hi everyone, I have introduced myself before but havnt been around that much yet. I had a miscarriage back in Feb and after having my first proper AF since on 26th March I have been ttc. Problem is I am sooo obssessed about falling pregnant it is consuming me. It is all I think about all day every day. I cant afford Ov tests at the mo so I have been just trying to work out my ov date based on my cycle of 30 days and my CM. I definately saw EWCM on Sat and Sun just gone and since my AF we have BD every other day and both Sat and Sun. So desperate to fall pregnant but I just wish I could turn off for a while and think about other things. It is really affecting me and I am already feeling stressed that we may not have done it this month. Does anyone else get this obssessed with it??? I feel like I am going mad!!



  • Sorry to hear about the mc. You are not alone, I am that obsessed and its only my first month off the pill!!! God knows what I'll be like in a few months time. It takes over your life, its mad. I blame hormones image Good luck ttc xx
  • i m obsessed too btw! lol, sorry about your mc! sending lots of stickyness your way! im trying to work out my cycles just by CM too!

    baby dust to all xxxxxxxxx
  • Hiya flower!
    I am totally obsessed arghhhhh!!
    It is all I pretty much think about, am on hols at mo so it is worse.
    It is even keeping me awake a night!
    Hopefully will be better when I am back at work next and being busy will take my mind of it a little!
    Love MrsH x
  • Nice to know its not just me!!! Hi MrsH didnt realise you were over here too, I think we are pretty much on the same cycle arent we??

    Loads of sticky babydust to us all

  • Hi hun,

    Yes I think so, think I am CD21 today, how about you??

    Yes I like it in here, everyone is lovely and as obsessed as me lol!

  • Hi I am on CD21 too!!! I think I have a 30 day cycle though. I have heard that after a mc your cycle can change though so I will have to wait and see.

  • Yay cycle buddy!! image

    I am on a 28/29 day cycle, was the same before my mc and has been since too so hoping it will be the same this month, although I am hoping AF is NOT going to make an appearance this month (fingers crossed)

  • me 2!! think my husband is sick listening to me and its driving me insane. we are only on our 1st month as well af due on sat and i did a sneaky test this morn it was bfn image im still holding out hope though but i am getting af cramps already image
  • Hi NewMrsL!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you, hope that BFN becomes a BFP!

  • me too Mrs H!! the waiting is horrible keep telling myself and hubby PMA is needed he doesnt agree because he is coninced we havent been trying long enough men eh!!
  • men hey!

    My helpful and supportive hubby asked me the other night 'do you feel pregnant yet??'

    Men! xxx
  • lol! do you feel pregnant!! ha! i think they dont really understand our obsessions!! he can't wait to be a dad but i think he's a bit scared in case i dont get pregnant so easily he keeps telling me not to get too excited and it's killing me. would love to get pg this month (like all of us im sure!) it would be a honeymoon baby and would be due christmas day lol!! fingers crossed eh!!
  • aww a xmas and honeymoon bubba, how lovely will that be!

    my fingers are firmly crossed for you hun xxx
  • Wouldnt it be nice to know straight away that we are pregnant. Like about 2 days after conceiving. No more 2ww!!! Its good to know we are all abit obssessed LOL!!!! Good luck to all of us
  • Hi Jac, I don't know if you remember me but we spoke a bit in ttc after mc. I had my mmc in Jan at 11w and we spoke alot at the time as you were right behind me. I had my first month ttc last month and was TOTALY obsessed and when I kept getting bfn's I thought I would die, however this month I've been more relaxed and just felt more relaxed generally, still obsessed mind but it has got easier. Saying that I am right on the cusp of testing and got a v. v faint line on Tuesday, dh said I wasn't allowed to test again until tomorrow! So I'm now completely consumed about whether I am pg or not and can't stop looking at this website and FF while I'm supposed to be working!

    Have you tried doing BBT's, it's free (well once you buy the thermometer) it has really helped me this month as I feel like I am doing something each day!
  • Hi there Baby on Board, yes I do remember you. How are you. You have described exactly how I feel, I keep teeling myself that if I get a BFN it doesnt matter because it is only the first month of ttc but I am already feeling upset just thinking it might not happen. I think it is because I feel like I should still BE pregnant now. I did try to do BBT with my normal thermometer but it doesnt seem to be very accurate or my temps are all over the place!! I probably need to get a proper more sensitive one!! I have been checking my CM though and trying to go by that.

    That is great that you have a very faint line, it has to be good news!! Let me know how you get on, I have my fingers and toes crossed for you!!

    Take care

  • I got a BD BBT off of Amazon it arrived quite quickly and I really like the beeping noise it makes when you have it in the right place (I do mine under my tongue).

    I also really like Fertility Friend and I look at all the charts trying to figure out which one is most like mine!!! image

    I said in my other post if I got a false bfp (or chem preg) this month I think I will have to kill someone!! image
  • LOL!!! Hopefully this month is your month.

    I think I will go and have a look at the fertility friend website!!

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