Good result at doc's - PMA all the way!

this is the cutest baby alive


  • I'm so relieved. Just got back from docs today. OH has one testicle and I have really irregular cycles so we went for tests. He said DH's sperm count is 37m which is OK and my hormone levels, though high, are within the normal range. He did an ultrasound and said we should ttc this weekend! He also said he thinks I should be pg by september to Christmas and if not he'll do a laparoscopy to check my tubes are OK.

    Full of PMA now and just wanted to spread the good vibe. I had been stressing myself out and felt so sick this morning but can relax now and try to enjoy it all again.:lol:
  • This is great news honey i am soooo pleased for you , you heard the good man bd bd bd

    K xx
  • Yay, gr8 news everything is ok MrsPoppet. Better get bding this week end then. Good luck and have fun!
  • Thanks k-lou and SLOW! So happy and watch out Mr P this weekend!!! Would be so fun to get our BFPs together and join the pg forum. Fingers crossed - but not legs, obviously. xxx
  • Gosh, that is a very positive GP, wish I had one like that.
    Good news all round. Keep your PMA up.
  • Excellent news mrs p, good luck!!xx
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