advice on CM please?

hi girls, daft question, i havent done any real observations of EWCM or cm of any other kind lol apart from when its obviously left its mark LOL SORRY TMI!what should i be looking for and...where lol, do you have a "feel around" inside? LOL SORRY cringe image. thanks girls x


  • :lol: :lol: sorry had to have a giggle at "feel around" but in all seriousness that is exactly what some girls do if they are observing the changes in cm, think you kind of "scoop" some out and look at colour/texture etc (hope you aren't eating your dinner by the way :lol: )
    I use ov sticks so don't really go by my cm at all but around ov it's meant to change to a runny egg-white sort of consistancy and colour, hope that helps a little! x
  • Hi hope you dont mind me gatecrashing your post. Siany, thank you for asking this, I was pretty clueless about CM but now I know much more. Thanks for the link snugglenush, isnt the world wide web a wonderful place, theres no way on earth I could ask my dr the answer to half these questions!
  • oyu've made me think there sianny! i ceertainly haven't been "feeling around" i just take notice if i get some in my nickers or when i wipe. should i be doing more?? might take a look at that link!
  • lol @ huni what are we like?! thanks for the link snugglenush! i havent either cookie, i used ov sticks last month too. i will look at that link. x
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