trying but no luck

hi there we have been trying for a bub for 6 months now but no luck i have never been on the pill in my life and have had regular periods al the time , i have purchased an opk and used it last month and it said i ov on day 18 , this month i ov on day 14 why is it differnet to last month is something wrong ? why is it taking this long to fall ??


  • Hey There,

    I also haven't been on the pill for around 5 years and started TTC in July 08. This month we got our first ever BFP image I also used OPK's and went on to use a CBFM and there was always 3-4days diff each cycle for when I OV'd so as long as you are ov'ing just keep BD'ing and try not to worry.

    I also thought there was something wrong with one of us and we were all ready to go to the docs in Feb to start tests but it turns out that we had done it. On the month that we thought we had no chance. Sometimes there is no reason why it takes some time hun, but good things come to those who wait :\)

    Good luck xx
  • Hi Babydust,

    Welcome to BE and TTC.

    As Beth says, ovulation day can vary month to month. Mine was a day earlier this month.

    Hope to see your bfp soon x
  • I have been trying for 12 months. I am trying not to panic and worry as I really thought it would happen quicker. I have just bought a bumper pack of ovulation sticks so i can test. My periods vary from 21-28 days so never really know when I am ovulating.

    Can anyone suggest any other tips?
  • Hi. I have a 5 month old baby boy. I had a mmc and in total it took at least 18 months to get pregnant. The amount of people that told me to relax (who i wanted to thump because i wanted a baby so much!). And the one thing that worked was relaxing! I would suggest ditching the ovulation sticks and just BD every 2 to 3 days and forget all that rubbish about sticking your legs/bum whatever up in the air after sex! Sorry you probably feel how i felt when people said relax but it really is the key! Good luck! xxx
  • Lisa i agree with u i have PCOS never thought id get preg as quick as i did basically we just had sex every night, and because i thought it would take yrs i never even thought id be pregnant and i tested about 6weeks after coming off pill because my nails had grown lots and i was preg, my baba is now 7months now. I sometimes think these forums make things worse as ever1 worries about everything and looks for signs and things (at same time these forums also help alot of people) but if i were u id try not to think about it have a month of sex without using the ov kits and see how u go...fingers crossed 4 u xxx
  • it can take a healthy normal couple a year -18 months to concieve natually,i no its hard when you want one so much but i recommend relaxing also and try not let it take over....just try to have sex 3-4 times a week as recommended by zita west ans see what comes of it

    good luck xx
  • Thank you so much guys. You have no idea how much it just makes me feel better to know that this is quite normal. I guess i have been quite stressed over the last 12 months, and it probably hasn't helped that I want a baby SO much that its all I think about.

    I need to start exercising and just enjoy life, and chill. I am sure it will come soon enough.

    Thanks again! xx
  • maddyW i no its hard to try to relax and ive been ttc 20 months now esp when its all you can think of but even if you find somehting to take your mind off it when it comes in it could just help

    your right tho enjoy your life right now becaus eit can really consume you if you let it xx
  • hay hun, I am on month 17 and i know its hard
    I usually OV around cd15 to cd18

    Good Luck and hope you get the BFP very soon xx
  • thanks guysxx really appreciate it i guess im just being a little impatient , i guess its just tghat all my girlfriends are pregnant and they r always asking ! but we will have to wait and see what this mont brings.. hopefully its a BFP xx
  • oh and congratz broodybeth xx
  • I cannot believe this but I am in a state of shock. I just did a pregnancy test and it's come back positive!! I have done 2 now!!! Unreal... I have been trying for 12 months.

    I am in shock!!!!
  • omg maddy w thats fantastic congratsxxxx
  • Thanks. I haven't slept a wink. Overwhelmed.
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