Dont know if its good or not.............

but I feel really sick this morning. My mouth is watering like mad.
Surely you cant get morning sickness 5-7 days after (possible) ov?????? Hey, but fingers crossed that you can hee hee!!!!!!


  • hi just wanted to say im about 5 or 6 dpo and ive been feeling very sick for the past 2 days which aint like me so lets hope that this is a good sign for us
  • Oh goodie. Im not the only one.
    Fingers crossed xxx
  • Good luck ladies im keeping everything crossed for you both. xx
  • just to let u know, when i was preg with my lo who is now 6 months, i was being/feeling sick about 7-8 days before my af was even due. so your signs are looking hopeful x
  • you never know girlies, good luck!
    I have read you can get morning sickness as early as 2wks after conception but i think its defo possible to get it earlier.
  • Im trying not to let symptoms get into my head.

    Im having no symptoms at all.............Im having no symptoms at all.............Im having no symptoms at all.............Im having no symptoms at all
  • LOL,babymonkey! It will never work no matter how many times you say it! xxx
  • Fingers crossed.......!! xx
  • wow you can feel sick that soon??? I don't feel sick at ll thank god. I know if i did it would be me telling myself I felt sick LOL

    they sound like good sign girls I am about the same as you 5 DPO image
    K xxxx
  • Me too. I'll felt sick & overwhelmingly tired about a week after conception with Zara

    Good luck & fingers crossed for your BFP this month xx
  • I've been trying not to imagine symptoms but I've been feeling queasy since a few dpo.

    Trying so hard not to get my hopes up too much because i had spotting after bd too. Wasn't much so i'm hoping it wasn't a bad sign.

    Good luck to everyone hoping for a BFP this month.x
  • i was def feeling nauseous from about 4-5 dpo not bad just enough to let me know not to drink tea or milk on cereal, lot worse at 5 weeks and still continues.
    Filo x
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