My first 'offical'...

2 week wait!

I'm 2dpo.... how do I stop myself going mad!

I can't wait another 12 days!! (my impatience is becoming a theme in this forum!)

Must stop imagining symptoms!

Is this normal ladies? How do you fill your time in the dreaded 2WW?


  • we moan chick and SS like crazy,how do you think im so mad image

    il distract you next Thurs at the Edinburgh meet lol
  • *SIGH*

    Is that all I can do??!! image

    Eating is out to pass the time, looking at wedding pics is defo out, housework is out, argh, this is horrible! I need to get a hobby!!

    AND I'm a Guitar Hero widow this evening....

    (I'll be more that half way through by next Thursday!)
  • i no so focus on that instead,im in the 2ww also theres a thread you can join chick,ie had that many i dont really think about it now lol
  • I am 7dpo and the wait is killing me. I know how you feel.
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