Newbie - Ovulation HELP PLEASE

Hi all

i have pcos and have irregular periods because of this. my last period was december 2007 so as you can imagine picking up when i'm ovulating is few and far between.

last week i had cervical mucus so decided to test. i'd bought some cheap sticks from ebay which i'd been using for a while but have never picked up anything on them. so i bought some clearblue ones just incase the ebay ones weren't working. i've tested all week and picked up nothing. last night though i was extremely hot and tossed and turned so decided to test again today. i haven't had any mucus today but had a dark blue positive line on the clearblue test (the cheapy one still came out negative)

can i have a lh surge and not ovulate? and does an lh surge only happen before ovulation or could i have missed my chance?

i get so confused with it all and i'm so fed up.:\?

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