promising or not???

Hi ladies,

Well I've tried not to symptom spot or get my hopes up but I've finally given in. What do you lot think of these 'symptoms'

For last 2-3 days I've had af type dull ache, and I'm now getting cramps and twinges. I feel a bit sick at times and have been really tired for last couple of days. Also have slightly sore bb's. I'm 8dpo.

Only problem is I felt similar - although not as strong - pains/tiredness/sore bb's last month. If cycle is same as last month af should arrive on Sunday (can I hold out that long to test??)

p.s. I'm not testing early as I only have one test and I'm not buying another one - so don't even try to persuade me!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:



  • Good for you! Wait until at least the day af due or pref couple of days after! (as you can tell, I dont believe in early testing, I think its a waste of money and leads to a lot of dissapointment!) Your symptoms do sound promising tho hun, so I really hope its a lovely bfp for you this time! Good luck and tons of lucky babydust! xx
  • Thanks babybump4. Glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't like to test early. Saying that I have done in the past and it does lead to disappointment which is why I'm not doing it again. God it's hard tho!!!
  • So have I dg and it isnt worth it. I so hope you can hold out and then you get your bfp!!xxxx
  • i agree, i relly wana hold out this month too...wltho i dont know wjen im oving or when af is due so not sure how il work out when im late!!!! Keep the will power missy!!!
  • :lol: same here woomummy! no idea when I will be late! :lol:
  • deputygibbon chants to herself
    *I will not test early, I will not test early*
  • Good girl....and i apologise im being totally thick is going on with my tired!!!!
  • Your symptoms sound hopeful dg! sickness and sore boobs, i cant remember from last time i was pregnant (ten years ago) but i know those were my sisters first signs of pregnancy.

    Not testing early, its sooo tempting isnt it! but i cant afford too many tests per month so i'm waiting as long as i can. I think AF is due tomorrow so could test then...but its that first month off the pill thing. Havent a clue when i OV and who knows what the witch is up to?!

    Good luck for your BFP!
    Michelle xxx
  • Any more news mithical?
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