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How do you chart temp?

Hi there

I hope you don't mind me asking this and I know this probably sounds like a daft question but how do I chart temp and is a cheapy thermometer just as good as an expensive one? If I do my temp whilst making my brekkie or something is that ok? and does it matter when I take it?

Hope these questions aren't too simple. I have tried to look it up but its seems to be conflicting.

Thank you for your help

V x

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  • try fertility

    U need to take temps at the same time everyday before u get out of bed because any movement can change it.

    I got thermometer from chemist,think it was bout ??10.

    If you log on to the above website u can slot ur temp on that and it predicts ov once u have used it a couple of months.

    Good luck xx
  • Cool, thank you

    V xx
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