just started trying for my 5th baby

i have just started trying for my 5th baby,all my family think im mad.my hubby goes out to work every day i stay home and look after are 2 youngest boy,i feel im doing the right thing and so does my hubby we love all r kids :\? :\? :\?


  • Everyone's different. My DH is one of 6 and he loved growing up with loads of siblings around. They're all great friends now.

    Just remeber to look after yourself and keep your sanity! You're a braver lady than me.

    Good luck x
  • thank you,my kids r 10,9,2,1 years old they all play lovely together,the funny thing about it all is my hubby has worked out how many bunk beds he can fit in the house we live in a 3 bedroomed house,lol
  • Yay finally somebody like me! I have 5 children and we our ttc our 6th so i obviously dont think your mad at all! Other people should just mind there own business you obviously love your children so why shouldnt you have another? How old are you if you dont mind me asking?
    Im 42 and hubby is 46. We have a son 23, daughter 20, daughter 12, son 8 and son 23mths! I love our big family, we are all very close.
    I forgot to say welcome to the forum, i hope your stay will be a short one! (i mean that in the nicest way!) lol. Good luck and i look forward to chatting more. Debs xxx
  • hello me too, well not 5th but ttc no'4 hooorrraaayyyy!!!

    Yes we are mad but in a nice way lol!!

    have you been on our super larger family forum??? We finally have somewhere to chat that everyone understands the trials of 3 or more kids...............I am a regular poster.it def helps keep me sain lol!!!!
  • thanx debs,im 31 my hubby is 31 i have one daughter she is my oldest.people always have to have there say in are familys,my kids are well looked after,i would love to have another girl but don't get me wrong if i have a boy then i don't mind that too
  • I havent any yet, we lost the 1st at 12wks & are TTC, I think a big family is lovely & just cause it's not right for everyone doesnt mean you cant, good luck baby dust to all x
  • I'm one of 5 girls, the oldest is 25 i'm 24 then 14, 13 and 8. It is lovely having a large family!

    The only negative i can think of is that my mum seems to have missed out on living her own life as was 19 when she first fell pregnant and now at 46 she is still looking after a young child. If i'm being honest, there have been times when she has rebelled against it (i don't mean that in a bad way - just in an embarassing mum trying to relive her youth kind of way!). But that was the decision she made for herself and don't think she has regretted it for one second!!

    Good luck!! x
  • I am the oldest of 5 girls and I loved being part of a large family.
    It was great growing up and always having someone to talk to.
    I don't think you are mad at all.
  • Sarajenk, sorry had to comment on your kids names they are beautiful x
  • hi would just like to say thanks too all your lovely comments,has u can see i have put a pic on of my kids tiegan is 10,jacob is 9,owen is 2,isaac is 1 x x
  • You are dead right hon if you want 10 go right ahead dont listen to anyone else they dont have to mind them!!

    We are TTC no. 4 too, i'd have loads but hubby is from a big family & doesnt want a whole pile so i think this will be our last.

    lots of lovely ladies on larger families pop over some day for chat Babs especially will cheer you up on a bad day she's always making me laugh!! image

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