CD63 I am so fed up

Still waiting for 2nd AF off the pill CD63. Did yet another test today and bfn. Fed up and need a winge :cry: I know I probably have no right to moan and its just my body getting back to normal but I still feel like having a tantrum and stamping my feet like a child :lol:


  • ohh hun thats such a long time!!! pma coming your way right now!!

    good luck and keep us posted
  • moan away honey i know exactly how u feel i'm on cd105 today i think! So stamp and throw things as much as u like!!!!!

    I like to scream in frustration


    much better- join me??
  • Thank Melissa I need all the pma i can get as mine has left the building!

    Lilac 105?! aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh

    *****Stamps Feet***** :evil::evil:

    That did feel much better :lol:
  • its tough coming off the pill and frustrating, some of the girls on here have taken angus catus to help there periods, even though my periods have been quite regular im gonna start taking it if im not pg to help ovulation. Epo is also good. good luck xxx
  • well never really been on pill properly and its years since iv taken it but my periods are really regular, 28 days like clockwork, thats why im on edge now coz it was due thursday and still no sign!!
  • Im thinking about taking AC but as my periods are all over the place I won't know when im ovulating really. Can you take EPO all cycle?
  • no i dont think epo u can as can make implantation harder as can make ur stomach contract. I was just gonna take ac for my whole cycle as some people do then stop if i get preggers. xx
  • I know how u feel ShellK I waited 94days for my 2nd AF off the pill, only started yesterday! was going out of my mind! Hope your body adjusts soon, I hope it wont be another 94days until my next one! argh! bloomin pill can really stuff your body up X
  • Clarkie I think you have to stop AC when you start ovulating.
    Mel_C how many days was your 1st cycle if you don't mind me asking? Mine was 40. After i have had a baby i am never going on the pill again! I have also told hubby that he has to get me good and pregnant after af eventually arrives as I can't cope! :lol:
  • My 1st cycle was 38 days after finishing the pill so not far off yours. Thats exactly what I said lol! the pill really does muck up your system, I thought my AF was going to be pure evil but so far shes been kind. You start to loose the will those because you are BDing lots and you dont know if your OVing, the one time we had a break its looks like I was prob OVing as 14days later I was on argh!!! I thought it was AF pain but it must have been OV pain. Goodluck ShellK I hope he does indeed, lol! image
  • EPO - you have to stop taking when you OV

    AC - I think it is personal choice - but for it to regulate periods you should take it everyday constantly without a break! Obviously if find out you are pg then stop it as it is not recommended during pg!
  • Thanks Mel_C. Babydust to you.
    Immense I think I must have got them the wrong way round! I thought EPO all cycle and AC up until ov. Now I know im going to get some AC for my next cycle.
  • Thanks SB. How far along are you now?
  • Aww thats great! x
  • Well I wish you the best of luck SB. Its crazy how fast time goes by! I remember when the only thing on our minds was planning a wedding! Im going to be an Auntie at the end of november so thats great. Hopefully i'll be pregnant by christmas! Lol i am so impatient!
  • lol! The thing is I seemed to get broody over night but got engaged 3 yrs before the wedding! yeah it'll be my first niece or nephew. They'll be spoiled rotten i know it! I already know what I want to buy for him/her!
  • :lol: They must think you are so cool! A special cupboard! Thats fab!
    I want to get him/her a Winnie the pooh playpen. Its lovely and has a mobile thing with across it with all the characters on! I wanted it to be a suprise but will have to tell my sil otherwise she might end up with two playpens!
  • i no how you feel its been 8 months fro me since i came off the pill jab its so upsetting and all the dr says is wait well if i wanted to wait i'd still be on the pill aaaggghhhhhh lol sorry lol im so impatient , i'm an auntie to twin boys harvey and riley they are 6 weeks old and soooo sweet makes me want one all the more x
  • Im going to see her next week so i'll check with her then!

    april 8 months is a long time. Blimey! Hope things get back to normal for you soon x
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