So... it won't let me write it all as a title...:P


AF now a week and a half overdue, have been having AF-like cramps for two weeks now, boobs have been sore for a week (TMI - nips out all the bloody time), six BFN home tests in the lat 2 weeks.


Who wants to bet when I got to the docs tomorrow night he tells me I'm actually not pregnant or coming on AF, I'm turning into a man...?



  • hahaha! broodiebritches!!!! that made me giggle!

    maybe AF decided she wants to play with you...she's evil like that! i know how you feel tho! at least after you've been doc you will have an answer!! my AF is 8 Days late!!! but think it would be way to early to test as i OV very late in my cycle (about 5-6 days before AF is due! now and then boobs are sensitive and nips are also coming out when they feel like it!! ;0) im sure evrything will be fine hun! let us know how you get on tomorrow! i think they'll probably do a BT!! good luck hun! **baby dust***
  • i bet you anything he says 'your probably just stressed, wait another week and come back if you still havent come on' lol thats what my doc said to me when i was 10 days late!!

    i hate how they blame everything on stress even if your not stressed!!

  • lisaanne23- was you PG after being 10days late??

  • i was but unfortunatly i mc at 6 weeks image

    il keep my fingers crossed for you a bfp and a sticky bean image
  • If he tells me to come back in a week I'll punch him. I think I'd rather he told me I was turning into a man!
    Does he do a blood test there, is it like a pinprick one or is it a 'go to hospital and wait a million hours' jobby?
    Lisaanne, so sorry to hear that hun, how did you find out you were pregnant then, was it the doc? I'm trying to convince myself I can't trust the home tests now!!
    Let's keep fingers crossed for all of us for BFPs and nine lovely months! xx
  • thats exactly what i was like! my gp is rubbish though!

    she told me because id done like 6 hpt and they were all negative that i wasnt pregnant and af would turn up! i waited 5 days, caved and did a CB hpt and got a pregnant 2-3 weeks!

    yeah fingers crossed for us all image im sick of this ttc crap now i just want a sticky bean image
  • Im too late,10 days late and still getting BFNs so i know how your feeling. Good luck at the doctors hope they give you a blood test as sometimes they dont like too! Also just out of curiosity what tests have you been using? Have you just tested with the same brand or different ones?

    Holly x
  • have u recently come off the pill hun? x
  • hey guys, well, as predicted by you, doc teste my FMU .... BFN just as with all the home tests.
    So, I said "but Im never late" (said = wailed miserably) and he said come back in another two weeks if you still havent had AF. I'm worried it cold be something sinister but he said no way, or he'd be able to feel lumps and things.
    Anyway, the nurse told me it was definitely negative so I need to stop thinking Im pregnant, but then she said although there's still a slight chance, but its very slight! Whats that going to do but make me hope??? Then she said she hopes she sees me again in two weeks because AF hasnt arrived! Ill be a nervous wreck!!


    Ps no not come off pill, have never been on it, and always been 28 day cycle, so this is kILLINg me!!

    aaaahh babydust to all xxxx
  • Oh hun, sending u lots of hugs x x
  • thanks princess, and just realised I didnt reply about the preg tests - Ive used superdrug and the digital CB but having heard great things about the superdrug one it makes me think theres no way im pg image
    oh well, maybe next month??
  • Ah broodybritches I really hope your AF doesn't show and you are growing a little bean. Lots and lots of baby dust and big squashy hugs coming your way. I am sure you will but keep us posted xx

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