might have to sell my mini?

I have alway wanted a mini and last year i got one and i love it...but now we are ttc I am thinking of the practicalities of having a mini...i mean there isnt enough room in the boot for my shopping..never mind a pram..and a lot of car seats dont fit safely in the back seats...i think ill hang onto my lil car as long as i can....but its definitly a sacrifice i hope i have to make soon;\)


  • Hi Bailey,

    don't worry, you won't have to sell it. I have a mini, a 4 year old and a 5 month old. The Maxi Cosi baby seat fits fine, (look at the Mini website or the site of any car seats you fancy to check compatibility of other models, there are loads) and can be attached to the frame of a Quinny Zapp pushchair, which fits nicely in the boot, with a fair amount of room to spare. You can't use this all the time, as spending too long in the car seat is bad for babies' backs, but it's fine for nipping to the shops.

    I also have a Bugaboo, which we use when walking or going by public transport. It will fit in the Mini, but only if it's just me an the baby. If you only have 1 baby, then you could fit a much larger pushchair into the back with 1 seat folded down.

    Getting the car seat in and out of the back of the car with no rear door is a faff, but manageable. We just got back from holiday, and managed to squeeze gear for the 4 of us for a week into the mini - we just swapped the pushchair for a sling for the week. My Mini is a company car, so I didn't have the option of selling it. The lease expires in September, and to be honest, I can't wait to be rid of it and get a 4 or 5 door car. It was fine when we just had the one child, but two is a bit of a squeeze. If you really love your car though, these small problems aren't too much to put up with at all.
  • I know how you feel! Now we are ttc i have to sell my beetle! It has a small boot and no rear doors! it would be ok for older children but not for a baby! image
  • thanks, i think we will definitly look at the options...we are ttc our first so we would have some empty space in the back... tax runs out in august so will just tax it for 6 months this time...and see what happens
  • Hi there, Lines that is a gr8 help. We also have a mini, i'm on my 3rd now and its gr8 to hear you can get things that fit in. I love my mini and would be gutted if i had to get rid of it. There seems to be a lot on here with minis. I have a blue cooper s works called Samson!!
  • mine is a black mini one....it doesnt have a name lol...
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