question about conception to implantation

Thought some of you clever ladies might be able to help me. Know you dont implant until 6-10 dpo. Just was wondering why it takes so long for this to happen after the egg is fertilised?! No reason really, just wondering what is happening in this time xxx


  • There are many conditions that must be satisfied in order for a successful implantation to take place. There is only a specific period of time during which implantation is possible this is the "implantation window".

    A reason for this window is that if implantation does not occur at a certain time, then it signifies that something is wrong. And when there is a risk that something is wrong, there will most likely be a miscarriage rather than the continued gestation of a malformed fetus.

    Got that from wiki, I take that to mean that the body uses that window as a sort of screening process.
  • thats helppful thanks, So what do you think it is doing in this time lambchop? Just floating along slowly?? weird question i know!
  • Hi hun

    You should watch the great sperm race on youtube its fascinating and those little swimmers do have allsorts of obstacles in their way he he

  • The linning of the womb has to be ready for implantation and the embryo starts dividing, when the embryo has got to a certain stage its thought it gives off a signal to make the lining of the womb allow it to penetrate and implant.

  • thanks for your replies! I did watch that SD,its really interesting. Still seemed like a long time between actual conception and the implantation! Its only that im 3 dpo and wondering what could be hapenning inside me! xx
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