Errrr,.... Got a faint line! ?!?!?!

CD 41, AF due last week

Hey all,

Ok i did a test last night with a SD test and it was a BFN, I did another 1 this morning just to make sure coz i had an appointment with the dr this afternoon. The test was BFN when i left this morning and i was in such a rush as my taxi arrived for me to go to work so i had to leave, So as it was so quick this morning i really dont know how long i left it.

Well i finished work at 2 and went straight to the drs for my half 2 appointment, i was going drs because ive been having nasty spots in my face and i was also going to have a word about the fact that my AF hasnt arrived, i told him all my cycles and all my symptoms, i told him all my tests were BFN, so he said im probably not pregnant, charming image
No retest offered or blood test, I guessing he just assumed i was wishful thinking, well thats how it came across.

Well anyway sorry girls, lol, I got home and was going to throw away the 2 tests, i thought id just check them 1 last time lol.
The test from last night, still remained a BFN but the 2nd test i did this morning had a faint line. Im confused because it said it had to be discarded after 10min. Im pretty sure i read the result in the correct time.
I rang my sister in law and she said she had the same thing and now she has a 3 month old, she didnt see her result till the end of the day.

I decided to get a CBD, i just used it just now and it says not pregnant ,so god i really dont know what to think!

Help me girls! image I just felt like jumping up and down few hours ago!


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  • Hey sweetie if the line was grey its probably an evap line, if its pink you could have your bean, take another SD test, good luck! xxx
  • Hi cass,

    Its pink, after you said the colours i really had to look hard coz i felt i was imaging it but hubby had a look and he said its pink.

    I havent got any SD ones left, i have got a CBD left so i will use it in the first urine of the day.

  • Hi Mrs PP

    Same thing happened to me only to cut a long story short I had tested NYE and hubby said no we cant see a line I was convinced I could see a very very faint line, anyhow I kept the test and looked at it a week later (dont ask me why) I guess cos hubby said I was being daft I just put it to one side and forgot about it, anyhow when I looked at it the week later it did have a very faint pink line on but this time I could see it and so could my hubby!

    I since done 2 tesco tests and they were BFN and so I decided to wait and see if I get my next af and in the meantime I have since OV so doubled my chances of a bean.

    I wish you luck hun and hope it is a bean settling in xx
  • Hi diamond, yeah i did wonder at first was it just my eyes but i could see it and so could he, just dont know what to do. Hate waiting. My sister in law told me to wait till the weekend to see if my HCG level gets higher but i cant wait and if the HCG was picked up in the first urine of the day, then i might just do a test again with a CBD, If thats BFN then ill just get SD ones again and test at the weekend.

    I hope you have got a bean Diamond if not GL with getting your BFP. How long have you been trying?

    Is it fairly common for women to have low HCG levels?

  • Hi MPP,

    This is our 2nd month so not long, what about you?

    I think some women can have low hcg levels, I had a bit of an on/off period last month but kept testing and BFN, BFN, I was distraught and now onto Month 2 am getting the same signs only this time having crampy pains in belly (just feelings, flutters etc) I really dont want to get my hopes built up. If i go off my 35 day cycle then am due to test 25th but last month I got my period 5 days late with spotting on af due date (very confusing).

    So if af was due 25th then symptoms, nausea etc would tie in but if 30th then am only 4 dpo so god knows lol!!!

    I think you should get SD tests again and test with them as CB might not show up however if you are a week late then it should show up.

    Keep us posted xx
  • i used a cbd and got bfn but used fr and say a positive is a positive x
  • Your cycles are confusing, mine arent dead on regular, but almost, ive been having them every month, well my last one was 11th dec. My first cycle was 28 days, then 72 then 43 i think if i can remember correctly then 34.
    We been trying 6 months, well we werent trying hard we were just seeing how it goes, so we havent really been BDing as much as we should if we were TTC, So i will be shocked if ive got a sticky bean.

  • Hi MPP
    I'm in the same boat AF was due on Monday (18th), BFN on Tuesday morning with a First Response test. Still no AF and getting lots of CM with no pink bits. I normally get some brown mucky stuff (TMI sorry!) in the 1-2 days before I get AF and I've been fairly regular for the past few months too.

    This happened to me in September - AF was 9 days late and BFN's all the way through.

    Maybe we have low HCG (and therefore I was PG in Sept and had a Chemical Pregnancy), or maybe it is AF having a laugh at our expense!

    It will be super frustrating for you - I would try to wait as long as possible though before you test again. But if you can't wait (and face it who can!) then make sure you drink as little as possible from now until the morning to make your FMU as concentrated as poss! And make another Doctors Appt for Monday. If you still have BFN's but no AF go back and request a blood test.

    I have heard on here of people who never got a BFP all the way through their pG's - and that hcg levels anyway drop a few weeks into your pregnancy.

    PMA PMA PMA - wiching you lots of baby dust!!
    I am going to test again on morning (mainly as I can't get to buy another test until tomorrow night lol!

    CTB (away for a while, now back!)
  • Hi chocolate,

    SS to hear you had a chemical pregnancy, I have heard it is common, its so cruel why does it have to happen image Thanks for the baby dust and back at you, i hope it works image

    Its so weird because i dont feel excited so much, maybe im feeling abit disappointed as i am reading everywhere that the result after 10 minutes is false.
    I really hope its just a shy bean, my sister in law said depending on whether your HCG levels were very very low, you might have to have an injection in your bottom , ouch!!!!!

    I shall be testing again in the morning so i will keep you all posted, if its BFN ive got a day off work tomorrow so ill just pop into superdrug again and get some more. Bet their sick of seeing me now! LOL

    Fingers crossed for you tomorrow CTB
    XxX Baby Dust XxX


  • I have managed to take a picture of it after hours of trying to get a good picture LOL. so fingers crossed you can see something.

    It better work!

    Please tell me if you see a faint line. I hope the pic isnt too blurry.

  • Hi. I was similar to you. i tested the day af was due and had the faintest line-hubby wasnt convinced as u could only see it if u held it in bright light (I used the cheap nhs tests from the internet that are meant to be super sensitive). I coldnt resist and tested again the next day. Again it was very very faint, although i was coninced it was darker than the previous day. I dont know how, but hubby managed to convince me to leave it the next day and test the following to give hcg a chance to rise. That day i used the cheap test and a FR. I had a faint line again on the cheapy, but a clear bfp on the FR test. If u can bare to hold on a couple of days, ur line might be darker and more clear.
    Fingers crossed and good luck to you. let us know how u get on. xx
  • Hey chick - any updates image

  • Morning all,

    Hi PP, Well i used a CBD this morning and it said i wasnt. I kinda knew it was going to say that,
    Considering i'm actually late surely the CBD would pick something up especially when the SD one did.
    I shall get some SD tests and just wait a few days, I really am hoping its just my HCG levels.

  • CBD are nowhere near as sensitive as other tests, fingers crossed it's just a shy bean in there xx
  • G/C from ttc after mc.

    It's so confusing sometimes isnt it, I have had some story's with SD tests!!! I find them a bit confusing as they can be notorious for evap lines with colour (there not always grey) & then getting faint lines minutes after the time limit.

    With a chem pg I could see were the line was supposed to be & about a min or 2 after the time limit they showed colour.
    But then last cycle I wasnt pg & after a couple hours had pink evap lines!!

    Why not try a FR test instead CBD arent as sensitive but then if AF is a week late it would prob show on those by now.
    Is there any chance your cycles are a little out that you may only just be due AF in that case you may still be pg but not enough hcg yet to show.

    Also everyone has a small amount of hcg but not near enough to show on a hpt, it's only about 5miu.

    Good Luck & fingers crossed you have a shy bean xx
  • Hiya thanks for your help.

    My plan of action is : I'll get a couple of SD tests and a couple of FR and i'll wait a few days and see if my AF arrives if not hopefully my HCG levels are high enough to be picked up.

    I'll keep you girls posted.

  • CD 42

    Well i have decided i will be testing on saturday morning, I went into SD with hubby and got 2 twin packs of SD's tests and 1 twin pack of FR.
    I shall use the SD one and if i get a line i shall use the FR test sunday morning.
    If i get nothing then ill just have to accept that its not my time yet.

  • Good luck hun, fingers crossed xx
  • Loadsa luck, hope it's your time xxx
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