just wanted to pop in and say hello "hello!" as i will be joining this forum very soon. yippeee!

we are going to ttc on after our wedding on 23rd august and we are both really excited!

we are both really enjoying looking after ourselves mentally and physically (after help from previous post!) and keeping wedding stress to a minimum!

good luck to all and hope your not all still in here


  • Hi Kimw08 and welcome. No offence but I hope I'm not here!!lol!!!!!!!!. Hope you have fun planning your wedding and preparing to ttc. You can pick up loads of info and get support on here-its great. Good luck with everything.xx
  • Hello and welcome honey and best of luck when you decide to TTC image

    K xxx
  • i think i spend more time in here than i do baby forum or on the yayw site lol

    i find it really interesting reading all your posts oh always asks me "so..... what helpful info did you find out today?"

    i truely hope your not all in as we know the struggles far too well and i'm only now 23!
  • Hi and welcome

    Congratulations on your wedding and goodluck with ttc when you start hopefully you have a honeymoon baby. Everyone on here is great and always helpful.

    Jen xx
  • Hi, hope you enjoy the rest of the planning for your wedding.
    This is a great place for info and support. xx

  • Hi welcome! Have a wonderful wedding and lots of fun ttc. xxx
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