Stomach pain?

g/c from planning. DH and I are having UPSI (not right this minute obviously!) I think i'm about 3-4 DPO atm and we did a fair amount of BDing around then and for the last few days i've had a pain in my lower right side, I thought it was ov pain but I read this only lasts for a few hours? I don't know if its still ov pain, a small symptom that i'm preg or my appendix is about to explode lol!

Any ideas?


  • didnt want to read and run honey but im not really sure.

    Could you do an OV test to see if maybe you still are? Im not sure if you can symptoms that early.

  • Hey Hun,

    I am 10/11dpo but have had funny feelings in my tum past few days. A kind of pulling/twingy pain every so often just above my bikini line and a little to the right. Not sure what it is, not had it before (that I remember anyway)! Fingers crossed I'll be doing a BFP post in a few days, and you a few after that xx
  • I had the same thing!!
    I was about 4DPO and had really bad pain! I thought it might be ovulation pains but pretty sure I am way past ovulation time.
    Looked it up and lots of women saying you can get implantation pain but shouldn't get any implantation going on untill day 6-10???!!
    I'm just trying to not read to much into it and see what happens!

    MRs cake xx
  • Thats what I thought, way too early for anything surely! But then I didn't think ov pain lasted for days-oh well we'll see I guess!
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