Yet another CBFM question

Hello ladies

Am on cycle 2 using my monitor and very excited as got my first peak today so hubby better get home soon!

Anyway, am getting a bit concerned as I have POAS every day in my 6 hour window but last month and again this, I only got a high the day after my peak. So I am on CD15 and have only had lows since CD1 and then straight to peak.

The booklet says that this might happen but 2 months in a row makes me wonder if I should just give up on using the CBFM and just use a calendar!!

Has this happened for anyone else? Just wondering if I am a freak is all and could do with some reassurance!!!


  • it may be your have a short surge so it cant pick up hormone for highs just peak? if OV is the same day every cycle then you dont really need it but if OV varies is very helpful x
  • Think it takes a couple of months to get used to your hormones and cycles too. I also had no highs first month and OC straight away and on second month of using it now and all i am getting is highs and no OV!
  • everyone is different hun. i got my high on CD7 and my peak on CD17 and CD18 then got a high on CD19 and back to lows on CD20. I was convinced i never OV'ed, this is my first month using CBFM and i was so happy to get a peak. i think as long as you get your peaks you dont need to worry. i was having sex every other day on my highs and it got tiring because there were 10 of them, Just be happy that you have a peak hun. If you feel the CBFM isn't for you then get rid of it. Like piggypops says, if you OV the same every cycle you dont need it but if not then i think you should carry on using it. Just remember everyone is different x
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