2ww anyone??? testing around 25th June


On the 2ww and hoping we have done it this month, had a lot going on down there this month, all the signs i was ov or just about too, i had ov pains i think and ewcm lots off, we bd Wednesday, then we missed Thursday, Friday, and do it today, but had a bit of ewcm today, and still got the pains, do you ladys think, i have missed it, or i am just about to ov, not sure if you get pain, when oving or before, If i have then i am on the 2ww, anyone with me.

Thanks Pink H


  • Hi Pink H, its really hard to tell whether you have oved but all the siigns sound good.If you dont fall this months, maybe you might consider using OPKs/temping as at least you have a definite idea of when you have oved.
    I am with you on the 2WW. I oved yesterday and am testing on 26th. Trying not to ss this month tho as I do it every month. Also could do with some help in not early testing as I do this every month!
    We Bd'd evry other night, then evry night for 3 days before ov, then we will bd agin tonight as my temp has only just gone up. Never done it like this before, so hoping something new will help. Been trying since about Nov.
    Hope this 2ww goes quickly for both of us! xx
  • hi there im on the 2ww also it feels so long, i get pains when am ovulating and am due to test anywhere between the 20th and 25th depending how long i can wait lol me and my partner are doing thisd through sperm donation and its only first month trying xx hoping all goes well for both of you
  • Im on 2ww also testing around 25/26th june. im not sure whether u have missed it or not? i used ov sticks this month and got a+ive and that evening and following day I had pains so guessed that I ov'd then? we b/d every day just before and after +ive result
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  • Hi, I am into the 2ww although trying to keep things relaxed this month. I used OPKs to check when I OVd because I have been taking B6 to lengthen my LP, but I couldn't tell you what CD I am or how many DPO I am! AF is due 25th June so I guess if she hasn't arrived by July I shall test. Good luck everyone x
  • i'm in the 2ww too, af due 22nd June and will see if it comes or not before I test unless I suddenly develop some very convincing symptoms!! lol x
  • I'm also on the 2ww and AF is due anytime from 22nd to 24th so I'll probably be testing around the 26th/ 27th if she doesn't arrive [fingers crossed]. I'm determined not to waste another hpt for the third month running so I need to be properly late before I poas this time, though.

    Good luck to all you ladies.
  • hi girlies, im testing 25th too! and pinkh, if i doubt bd anyways lol. i have felt alot going on down there too this month lol so hoping thats a good sign? xxxx
  • Hi im on the 2ww and this month as been a nightmare it seems to be really dragging!! im testing on 27th so good luck girls .i really really hope we get our bfp!!! image
  • hi everyone. I know I promised i wouldnt ss this month but any symptoms so far? KNow its far too early for lots of us but thought it'd be fun to share! Yesterdat at 4 dpo I had really sharp pains for about 5 mins. Then today a few pinchy ones. Prob just trapped wind!
  • Im due my AF 25th currently 7 dpo tomorrow. have been having cramps like AF is coming for the last few days and today had a really bad headache and felt sick driving home from work. Had nasal congestion also since monday. Second month of TTC so im pretty sure af will show up. Good luck ladies xxx
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