Back from hols-any BFPs?

Hey everyone!!We've had a great time! I don't really have time to go through the weeks posts so if anyone can fill me in on the BFPs that would be great-hope there have been lots!


  • Not for me hun, big fat period arrived today grr! Off to see about temp charting tomorrow I think I have waited long enough! When are you due for your next donor? Did the other one reply to you in the end?
  • Welcome back hun, hope you are refreshed and raring to go! x
  • Welcome back - glad you had a good time :\)
  • Welcome back Helen, i hope you and your lo had a fab holiday! There were a few bfps but i wasnt one of them sadly. Good luck for your next attempt. xxxx
  • Hope you and your LO had a wonderful holiday and are feeling refreshed and ready for your next month of trying. Fingers crossed your cycles get back to normal too xx
  • Welcome home Helen Site has been fairly packed with BFPs, including a few who've been on here for a while which was lovely. I'm 6DPO but have had a very stressful week at work (I'm in sales and we have launched a new product) so i'm expecting that my body is not happy to be supporting new life, it can't keep me going at the moment!

    Hope you make contact with your donors and get a plan for this cycle xxx
  • Welcome back - I was just wondering yesterday morning how long you were away for. Glad you had a good time - let's hope your donor can come up with the goods this month and get you a nice relaxed post-holiday BFP xx
  • Hi helen, i'd forgotten you'd gone on ur hols n was wondering where u were the other day.
    welcome back. hope u had a lovely time xx
  • hi hun, ive not been on here in a while but still no bfp for me either, glad you had a good holiday and i hope you get your bfp now your back. xxxxxxxx
  • Not me wither, but wanted to say glad you have a lovely holiday. xx
  • Thanks everyone! I did feel quite relaxed but have just got my 4th and final load of washing in so am not as chilled as I was last night!LOL
    Congratulations Bev.

  • Hey,

    Glad you had a lovely time.

    Just thought I'd say Hi - No BFP for me yet but - I'M BACK ONLINE so back on BE.

  • Good to have you back.
  • Glad you had a nice time. I was off on hols too - went skiing, so just as well no BFP beforehand as it would have meant no silly jumps for me!!
    Hope the break does us both good and there are more 'oldie' BFPs soon!!
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