Advice please!

Hello ladies

Hopefully someone might be able to help me as I'm a little confused!
Hubby and I have been ttc seriously since Dec last year - I came off the pill at the end of October and got my first period in Nov. Including that one and since i have been bang on 28 day cycle and even down to the same hour of the day each month.

This month een doing everything right but didn't get AF on Thurs as would have expected. No sign of it at all, no cramps, nothing. Didn't want to get too hopeful etc but tonight AF arrived :cry:.

Question is - is this AF as normal or something else like implantation bleed? At the moment it's not particularly heavy at all but normal colour. If it is AF why suddenly is it coming 2 days later than it has been?

Can anyone help?! xx


  • HI Hun,

    I would say that it's your usual AF, although I was always regular, I had one cycle when AF was 3 days late. Although our LP is always the same, when we actually ov can change from month to month so I would guess that you ov later this month iyswim?

    Sorry I couldn't offer you good news

  • Thanks Rainbow

    I thought it probably was but wanted to hope it wasn't! It's so confusing as when the best time is to have baby making sex now though!!
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