Well what's this i see!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?

A second line! A strong one!?!?!?

Hi girls...........................

Well i tested this morning using SD and FR and both came up with a strong second line! My AF is offically at least 4 days late.....!

OMG i am pregnant with a little bean!!!!!

After nearly a year of trying and some very hard times our dream is coming true. And to be honest it seems very unreal at the moment.....

I have my first doc app on Monday. And i was supposed to get a private check up this Sat to see if i was ok!? Guess i will be cancelling that! I have had some spotting but not overly worried as it seems quite common- full of PMA!!!!!!!

Lol can you guess i am so excited, happy etc etc! Walking round with a silly smile on my face. Know its early days yet , just over 4 weeks but i am SO EXCITED!!!!

Wishing you all the best and dont give up! And chill and take it easy- it worked for us this month!!!!

Thank you all for all of your help!!!
I am off to DIJ- who would have thought it!!?!!??!

Thanks again girls!!! You have kept me sane this last year!



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