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we're are officially ttc!!

My husband and I were going to wait till the end of the year before we started ttc. But last night we had a long talk and decided a couple of months were not going to make much difference - so - have started trying. Im so excited but scared too as I miscarried a year ago and obviously am worried about it happening again. Im going to buy some folic acid today and plan to start taking pregnacare 12 wks into the pregnancy (if it happens) when i stop taking folic acid. Is this the right way to do it? x


  • Good luck funkymonkey83, and hope you do a better job of remembering to take folic acid than I do! I leave it out so I remember it and I still forget (if that makes sense!) amy x
  • ha i'm glad i'm not the only one that keeps forgetting to take folic acid! infact mine is still on the side now from tea time! ha
  • I never take mine, but remember you do get some folic acid from foods you eat anyway. Green vegetables such as cabbage, spinich and broccali are folic acid rich and I think baked beans and bread also contain it. xxx
  • Just wanted to add that you can't take too much Folic acid. Some women take 4000mg per day. So if you want to take both pregnacare plus some extra folic acid you can x

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  • Should just point out that there's no point taking more than 400mgs of folic acid per day but some do image Good luck ttc x
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