I am away next OV!!

Oh man I am soooo p'd have a hen weekend in Barcelona that I am excited about but my OV date thats if I come on , on time will be that friday and I fly early in the morning and not back till late sunday night ;-(

K xx


  • Take some frozen sperm with you in a coolbag.
    That'll work!
  • Don't worry. As long as you bd just before you go should be enough stocks there ready and waiting! xx
  • lol I will jump him first thing in the morning and then when i get back on the sunday as well LOL

    I am liking the frozen sperm idea thoughimage

    K xx
  • If you bd that week, you will have bd before ov, so I agree you should be fine! At least you will have a couple of days away from your 2ww!! xx
  • Just to add - when I got my bfp I don't think we actually bd'd the very day I ov'd. But we did the couple of days before. So it doesn't matter if you miss the actual day. Spermies can live for a good few days.
    You will be fine. And as mithical says - you get a distraction during your 2ww to make the time go faster!!
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